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Dihydronicotinamide Riboside Powder (NRH): The Reduced Form of NR as a New, Faster and More Effective Supplement that Double the NAD+ Levels in Our Cells

Dihydronicotinamide Riboside Powder supplier

Dihydronicotinamide Riboside Powder, also known as NRH, is a newly discovered, potent compound that shows significant results in rising NAD+ levels. NAD+ is the most important molecule in our body. As we age, the levels of NAD+ decrease and we must replenish. By NAD+ precursors supplementation, we can satisfy its levels. However, compared to other NAD+ precursors, studies suggest NRH can increase NAD+ levels much faster and better. As a potential therapeutic agent, NRH can enhance the cells and tissues function in mice. NRH supplementation slows down aging, increases longevity, and improves health overall. It is also known to alter mitochondrial membrane potential, increase its function and protect DNA from damage.

What is NRH?

Dihydronicotinamide riboside (NRH) is the reduced form of nicotinamide riboside (NR). NR and NMN are found to be the most efficient precursors that can rise the NAD+ levels until NRH and NMNH were discovered. Recent studies demonstrated  NRH can have a more powerful impact on increasing NAD+ levels than NR.

You can find NRH by other terms such as 1,4-Dihydro-1-b-D-ribofuranosyl-3-pyridinecarboxamide, reduced nicotinamide riboside. NRH has a CAS number of 19132-12-8, with a molecular weight of 256.26 g/mol and molecular formula C11H16N2O5.

NRH forms and specifications

NRH powder 99% is sold as a high-purity and fully stabilized supplement. It is third-party tested, and it also has high bioavailability. It is available for bulk purchases and can be packed as 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum. The shipment is available through various ways like by Courier like FedEx, UPS, by air, by sea, etc.

For other packaging options, feel free to contact us, we are willing to answer you within 8 hours.

How does NRH work

NRH increases NAD+ levels even at a low dose. NRH provided the highest effect of increasing NAD+ levels in the kidney. It acts as a biosynthetic precursor to NAD+ and enhances the NAD+ concentration. NAD+ levels are more potently increased in both cultured cells and mice and NRH aims to improve absorption into the body. What makes NRH a powerful compound for people who want to increase NAD+ levels is the fact that it is very bioavailable.


As mentioned before, NRH is the reduced form of NR. The most effective precursors that boost NAD+ levels were NMN and NR, but according to the studies, they both had limitations in their effects. When administrated orally, NRH was detected in the plasma after 1 hour, unlike NR, where its levels were not easily observed, and therefore high doses were needed to get the right NAD+ levels. That’s why NRH is a far more stable molecule than NR. Studies imply NRH is a better molecule than NR because NR is degraded in the blood into nicotinamide. Therefore, NRH is a more potent and faster NAD+ booster than NR in mammalian cells and tissues.

Recent studies have shown that increased NAD+ levels and improved mitochondrial function results from NR supplementation in mice could not, unfortunately, be repeated in humans. NAD boosters can stimulate metabolic health by improving mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle. The experiment was done in humans with obesity and insulin resistance. The results showed that NR supplementation did not improve NAD+ levels in the participants. Also, this study concluded that NR supplementation did not affect the level of mitochondria in skeletal muscle.

After NRH treatment, NAD+ levels were increased over 10 fold in cultured cells. The effect was quick and was observed within 5 minutes.

The CAS number of NR is 1341-23-7 with the molecular formula of C11H15N2O5+, while NRH has a CAS number of 19132-12-8, with a molecular formula of C11H16N2O5.


NRH and NMNH are the reduced form of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). They both are promising NAD+ boosters because they can increase NAD+ levels not only in the blood but also in other tissues such as the kidney, heart, muscle, and many more. NR and NMN were the most promising NAD+ boosters. Studies have shown they both can effectively raise NAD+ concentrations in mouse tissues without adverse effects. However,  they both have downsides though. They have limitations in enhancing NAD+ effects. Studies claimed double doses are needed to achieve the beneficial effects in animal models, as well as their rapid degradation.

That’s why their reduced forms, NRH and NMNH, are suggested. In vitro, NRH and MNMH act as potent NAD+in different murine and humans. The results from this study described that NRH and MNMH can increase NAD+ levels in all the tissues up to 10 fold.

To conclude, NRH and NMNH are powerful and promising molecules in raising NAD+ levels in human tissue, which describe their beneficial effects observed in mice.

NRH powder manufacturing process

The NRH manufacturing process is followed by current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All raw materials are safe and approved to be used for manufacturing food ingredients.

For the detailed manufacturing process and raw materials used, please send inquires to us directly. We’ll reply to you within 8 hours.

Benefits of NRH

The benefits of using NRH supplementation  are the following:

NAD+ booster

NAD+ levels decline as we age and we must replenish them. NRH can boost NAD levels faster and better compared to other NAD+ precursors. Once administrated, it can be present in the blood for up to 24 hours. NRH enhances mitochondrial and cells function, so they can do their job better. NAD+ levels are greater absorbed into the body with NRH supplementation.


Increased production of NAD+ in the body can cause the production of certain enzymes that can help enhance healthy and beneficial aging. NRH improves the general health of mice according to the studies. Other studies also show that NRH can help reduce oxidative stress and repair damaged DNA, which slows down aging.


As an orally bioavailable NAD+ precursor, NRH has been shown to increase the lifespan of all species tested to date. NRH increases NAD+ levels in many cells and tissue and as an NAD+ precursor can prolong lifespan. It also appears to have improved the longevity in mice during clinical testing.

Helps in arthritis

As we age, we start to feel pain in our joints, which can lead to arthritis. Taking NRH supplementation can ease your pain, as well as add vitality, and improve healthy bone function. It also supports healthy inflammatory responses, which can alleviate your symptoms.

NRH powder side effects

NRH supplementation has shown no side effects and toxicity. Therefore, it is safe to use.

NRH powder dosage

The recommended dosage as a supplement is 200-500mg.

Where to buy bulk NRH powder

Hygieia Biotechnology is a professional manufacturer that offers raw bulk products for use as supplements, cosmetics, and medicine. Dihydronicotinamide riboside powder is a highly bioavailable powder with 99% purity. It is also third-party tested, which means purity, identity, and potency are approved.

To receive a document of test results, or want to know additional information about the package, prices, and shipping, please send us an inquiry.

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