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Bulk Fisetin Powder 98%

Product nameFisetin powder
Synonyms7,3′,4′-flavon-3-ol,Novusetin,Fisetin Extract,Smoke tree extract,Boxwood Extract,Cotinus extract
CAS number528-48-3
Molecular FormulaC15H10O6
Molecular weight286.24
Appearance/coloryellow needle-like crystal powder
solubilitySoulble in methanol,ethanol alkaline,it is difficult to dissolve in water benzene,chloroform,n-hexane.
BenefitsAnti-aging, longevity
dosage100 mg
ApplicationsSupplements, cosmetics, medicines
package1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

Fisetin can be found in various plants such as Acacia greggii, Acacia berlandieri, in the yellow dye young fustic from Rhus cotinus (Eurasian smoketree), in Butea frondosa (parrot tree), Gleditschia triacanthos, Quebracho colorado and the genus Rhus and in Callitropsis nootkatensis (yellow cypresses). It is also reported in mangoes and strawberry.
Compared to now-famous plant antioxidants like resveratrol and quercetin, fisetin was unfairly ignored for far too long. It wasn’t until recent years that researchers became increasingly interested in its medicinal potential. Science teams are currently exploring its ability to slow the aging process and extend lifespan – its so-called “senolytic” effects. What’s more, fisetin has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-supporting properties.


Inhibition Prostaglandin: inhibits the production of fibroblast cord in 3T3 mice transformed by methylcholanthracine, with half effective inhibition concentration (ID50) of 42.0UM.

Fisetin in vegetables and fruits helps improve memory.

Treatment of coronary heart disease, improve coronary artery circulation, inhibit the occurrence of thrombosis disease;

Anti-infection, used for suppurative and surgical infections (acute tonsillitis, external otitis, osteomyelitis, surgical infection, etc.)


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