Hygieia Biotech

Hygieia Biotech focuses on the research on the mechanism of action of biological enzymes related to human aging. Hygieia successfully developed coenzymes series products for anti-aging and longevity, such as nicotinamide mononucleotide powder (NMN bulk powder), NMNH(reduced NMN powder), NAD powder, NADH powder, etc. Other regular and novel anti-aging ingredients such as resveratrol, pyrroloquinoline quinone Disodium (PQQ salt), Urolithin A, fisetin bulk powder, etc.

In addition to manufacturing raw materials in large quantities, Hygieia Biotech provides one-stop services to supplement brands from formula development, dosage form research, brand design, packaging screening to finished product delivery.

NMN Powder 99%

Raw Material Advantages

Quality of our product:

1) The safety of microorganisms and heavy metals meet the requirements of national standards.
2) The raw material passed the acute toxicity test, which was actually non-toxic.
3) A number of third-party testing institutions (CTI, Intertek, Eurofins) measured purity ≥ 99.7%.
The 3rd party test report:

3rd party test report

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