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Citicoline Bulk Powder

Product nameCiticoline powder
CAS number987-78-0
SynonymsCDP Choline,Citicoline sodium, CYTIDINE 5′-DIPHOSPHOCHOLINE
Molecular FormulaC14H26N4O11P2
Molecular Weight448.32
Appearancewhite crystalline powder
Bulk package1kg/bag; 25kg/drum
Custom OEM ServicesAvailable upon request

What is Citicoline powder?

Citicoline, a key brain supplement powder, plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, a critical component of brain cell membranes. Its unique ability to boost neurotransmitter levels, specifically acetylcholine, positions citicoline as a superior choice among nootropic bulk powders. By enhancing cognitive functions, including memory support, focus, and mental clarity, citicoline stands out as a cornerstone in the realm of cognitive enhancer supplements.

Citicoline Specifications

Hygieia Citicoline powder is manufactured by an enzymatic process, and the purity is above 98%.

Product NameCiticolineCAS#987-78-0
FormulaC14H26N4O11P2Formula weight488.32
Test Items
Test ItemsSpecificationMOA
Appearancewhite crystal powderUSP
Solution Clarity and ColorClear and colorlessUSP
loss on dry≤4.0%USP
related substances5’-Cytidylic acid ≤1.0%USP
Other single impurity≤0.2 %USP
Total other impurities≤0.7%USP
free phosphate≤0.1%USP
heavy metal content≤10 ppmUSP
Storage ConditionSealed and stored in a cool, dark and dry place

The citicoline powder third-party test report by SGS for Shenzhen Hygieia Biotechnology Co. Ltd. focuses on the quality assessment of their product “Citicoline,” based on tests conducted from March 20 to March 27, 2023. The comprehensive evaluation included both microbial and chemical analyses. Microbial testing revealed acceptable levels of aerobic plate count and moulds and yeasts, with no detection of coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, or Salmonella, indicating good microbial quality. Chemical testing targeted heavy metals, namely arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead, where only arsenic was detected at a minimal concentration of 0.0112 mg/kg, with the other metals not present in measurable amounts. These findings, along with specific limits of quantitation for each tested element, underscore the product’s compliance with safety standards, affirming its suitability for the intended uses, subject to the conditions noted in the report regarding its application for scientific, educational, or internal quality control purposes.

The Dual Benefits of Citicoline vs. Choline

While both citicoline and choline are integral for cognitive health, citicoline offers a dual advantage. It not only supplies choline to the brain but also cytidine, making it a more comprehensive cognitive enhancer. This distinction underscores the importance of choosing citicoline over standard choline supplements for those seeking a robust memory support powder.

Citicoline Sodium: A Soluble Solution for Enhanced Absorption

Citicoline sodium, the water-soluble form of citicoline, offers enhanced solubility and absorption, making it a preferred choice for many. This variant ensures that individuals seeking to increase acetylcholine production or enhance their cognitive benefits can do so effectively and efficiently.

Mechanism of Action: How Citicoline Powers the Brain

Citicoline’s mechanism of action is a testament to its effectiveness as a brain health supplement. By facilitating acetylcholine production and supporting neuron membranes’ integrity, citicoline bulk powder acts as a powerful neuroprotection agent. Its role in enhancing brain energy metabolism further contributes to its reputation as a top-tier supplement for boosting cognitive function and brain energy.

Citicoline vs. Alpha GPC: A Comparative Insight

Although both supplements are effective at increasing acetylcholine levels, citicoline’s additional provision of cytidine offers enhanced benefits for repairing and regenerating cell membranes, making it a superior cognitive enhancer.

Citicoline Benefits

  • Brain Health: Supports overall brain health and the integrity of neuron membranes.
  • Brain Energy: Enhances energy metabolism in the brain, leading to increased alertness and cognitive vitality.
  • Support Memory, Focus, and Mental Clarity: Boosts neurotransmitter levels, improving memory, focus, and clarity of thought.
  • Promote Cognition: Facilitates neuroplasticity and cognitive enhancement, aiding the learning process and mental agility.

Whey to buy citicoline bulk powder?

For those in search of a reliable source of citicoline bulk powder, Hygieia Biotech stands as the leading supplier. With our factory located in Shenzhen, China, we guarantee a 99% pure, high-grade product that undergoes rigorous third-party testing. Whether you’re looking for nootropics wholesale, bulk cognitive enhancers, or a trusted brain health ingredient supplier, Hygieia Biotech offers unparalleled quality and service. Our commitment to providing wholesale neuro supplements at competitive prices ensures that our clients receive the best value for their investment.

Contact us today to request a free sample and receive a quote for bulk quantities at wholesale prices. Embrace the power of citicoline and embark on a journey to enhanced brain health and mental clarity.

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