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Higieia Biotech is a dietary supplement formulation company offering formulation R&D services for both food and pharmaceutical formulation development. Higieia has contract formulations with major supplement brands in the United States and Erope for NMN and other longevity supplements in the past decade. Higieia also has the capability of formulation manufacturing, and Private Label OEM.

NMN pharmaceutical formulation development

It’s a Simple Formulation Development Process To Get Started

At Higieia Biotech, our Research & Development team is dedicated to developing formulations that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and create products that are tailored to their unique requirements. 

Hygieia is committed to providing customized products for our customers. Whether you have a specific idea or just a general concept, Hygieia’s team of highly trained chemists can assist you in developing a formula that meets your needs. we will work with you to create samples and make adjustments until you’re satisfied with the quality of our final product.

By starting with an existing product and then improving it, you can take advantage of all that’s great about the original while still making changes specifically tailored for your needs.

Our team has extensive experience in developing anti-aging, longevity, and lifespan formulations, and we are confident in our ability to create a professional, ready-for-market product that meets your exact expectations. Some popular formulas with our current clients include NMN powder formula, spermidine powder formula, Urolithin A powder supplement formula, etc. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop a formulation that meets your needs and objectives.

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