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Bulk PQQ Disodium Salt 99%

Product namePQQ Disodium Salt powder
SynonymsPyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt, BioPQQ,Bio-PQQ, Methoxatin,PQQ, PQQ disodium salt, Methoxatin disodium salt
CAS number122628-50-6
Molecular FormulaC14H4N2Na2O8
Molecular weight374.17
Appearance/colorred brown powder
solubilitysoluble in water
BenefitsAnti-aging, cognitive support,antioxidant
dosage40 mg
ApplicationsSupplements, cosmetics, medicines
package1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

Pyrroloquinoline quinone is abbreviated as PQQ. Disodium salts of PQQ have a unique CAS number of 122628-50-6, while PQQ has a CAS number of 72909-34-3. PQQ from Hygieia comes in the form of a salt, and the most popular brand, BioPQQ, comes as a disodium salt, too. PQQ sodium salt is available as tablets, capsules, granules, powders, and so on. 

PQQ, a vitamin-like coenzyme, is also known as methoxatin, BioPQQ, PQQ disodium salt, and methoxatin disodium salt, among others. 

PQQ improved not only immediate memory but also other higher brain functions, such as spatial awareness. PQQ’s effects are enhanced when it is combined with CoQ10. In addition to mitochondrial health, PQQ supports the brain and cardiovascular system.

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