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PQQ Disodium Salt Powder: Pure and Bioavailable PQQ for Anti-aging, Heart, and Brain Health

Bulk pqq disodium salt

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a very potent antioxidant and plays a significant role in a range of biological functions such as cognition, memory, improving neonatal growth, and reproductive function in animals. PQQ protects your cells, specifically the mitochondria, from damaging free radicals. Its capabilities to enhance the cell at the mitochondrial level are fascinating. It also increases the energy of the cell, so the cells can do their job better. Our bodies can’t produce PQQ, so we have to get it from our diet.

What is PQQ disodium salt?

PQQ is a longevity compound and made by bacteria, which helps them digest alcohol and sugar, which makes energy. Pyrroloquinoline quinone promotes better mitochondria function. The efficiency of these organelles ensures optimal cellular energy, including cell growth and survival. In addition, pyrroloquinoline quinone has antioxidant and B-vitamin activity, with a wide range of benefits for the brain and body.

PQQ is also known as 4,5-Dioxo-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-f]quinoline-2,7,9-tricarboxylic acid,Pyrroloquinoline quinone,4,5-Dihydro-4,5-dioxo-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-f]quinoline-2,7,9-tricarboxylic acid, Methoxatin, BioPQQ, MGCPQQ, PurePQQ. PQQ has a CAS number of 72909-34-3 with a molecular weight of 330.208 g·mol−1 and a molecular formula of C14H6N2O8. It appears as a red-brown powder and is soluble in water.

PQQ forms and specifications

PQQ is sold as a dietary supplement in two different forms, including PQQ 99% powder, which is the acid form of PQQ, and PQQ disodium salt powder 99%. Both products are high-purity supplements and fully stabilized. They are third-party tested and come in a package as 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum. The shipment is available through various ways like by Courier like FedEx, UPS, by air, by sea, etc.

For other packaging options, feel free to contact us. We are willing to answer you within 8 hours.

PQQ vs PQQ disodium salt

Both PQQ and PQQ disodium salt have different CAS numbers and molecular formulas. The CAS number is 72909-34-3 and 122628-50-6, with a molecular formula of C14H6N2O8 and C14H4N2Na2O8, respectively. Animal studies claim PQQ is well and rapidly absorbed in mice (>50 percent), particularly at low doses. PQQ is known to have a water-soluble vitamin role, cofactor, and antioxidant. It is also intended for use as dietary supplements, for energy, meal replacement, etc.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) disodium salt is a stable and water-soluble compound used because of its nutritional value in foods such as energy, sports, and isotonic beverages; milk-based substitute drinks, and many more. The best and available form on the market as a supplement ingredient is PQQ disodium salt.

PQQ food source

PQQ has been found naturally in various plant foods. PQQ-rich foods include green peppers, parsley, papaya, kiwi fruit, tofu, tomatoes, legumes, and celery.

PQQ and CoQ10

PQQ and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) work differently through different mechanisms. PQQ is a natural multi-functional compound that exists in our bodies. Sometimes can act as a cofactor, which means helps enzymes to do their job. On the other hand, CoQ10 is a cofactor, similar to PQQ, which improves energy production in our cells. As a powerful antioxidant, CoQ10 has a beneficial effect on immunity, and some research suggests its ability to prevent various forms of cancer. It is also involved in the treatment of patients with heart disease.

They both have a synergistic effect in fighting free radicals, protecting our cells from damage, and helping the mitochondria function. PQQ helps the growth of mitochondria, while CoQ10 improves the speed and efficiency of mitochondria. Together they help to increase energy production faster.

PQQ mechanism of action

Pyrroloquinoline quinine is the first nutrient discovered that promotes the growth of new mitochondria, or mitochondria biogenesis, in your cells. Mitochondria tend to develop defects as we age. As these defects accumulate, the mitochondria start to malfunction. This results in a reduction in cellular energy production, and cells die. The result of these dysfunctions is many health-related conditions, like cognition problems, stroke, heart failure, and neurodegenerative diseases. Studies show that PQQ protects against this cellular damage by repairing and helping to create new mitochondria.

PQQ manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of PQQ disodium salt includes fermentation of the non-pathogenic bacteria, Hyphomicrobium sp. A strain of the Hyphomicrobium is used in the production of PQQ disodium salt. The raw materials used as fermentation aids are ammonium sulfate (NH4)2S04, calcium chloride CaCiz· 2Hz0, magnesium sulfate MgS04•7HzO, methanol, agar, polyether glycol, ammonia water, and potassium phosphate KzHP04. Purification aids include ethanol, anion exchange resin, sodium chloride, activated carbon, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hydroxide.

PQQ manufacturing process is followed by the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All raw materials are safe and approved to be used for manufacturing food ingredients.

PQQ Benefits

PQQ provides benefits for the following conditions:

Brain health

PQQ has been used as a therapy to improve brain health caused by brain injury. It protects your neurons, revitalizes your mind, and regenerates damaged brain and nerve cells, thus preventing cognitive functions. PQQ possesses neuroprotective functions due to stroke, age, or neurodegenerative disorders. Also, studies show that PQQ can reduce symptoms in animals with epilepsy.

Sports nutrition

PQQ stimulates mitochondrial growth and replication and boosts energy (ATP) production. When you increase the number of mitochondria, you have more cellular energy to power throughout the day, which can actually enhance your workout as well. As a supplement, PQQ can enhance your energy and the amount of activity your cells can go through.


PQQ helps reduce inflammations and improve mitochondria performance. It does this by increasing proteins responsible for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in the body. That’s how can prevent skin cells and tissues from being damaged. It can also help to rebuild healthy tissues to reduce wrinkles and have thicker skin.

Support heart health

As an antioxidant, it can reduce oxidative stress, lower inflammation, and can regulate metabolic health. PQQ improves our mitochondrial health by increasing the biogenesis of mitochondria, giving us more energy, and helping to keep us young and fit. Therefore, poor mitochondrial health can lead to cardiovascular and other heart-related diseases. PQQ also prevents heart failure by improving mitochondrial function.

PQQ side effects

Recent research has observed none adverse effects, so it is safe to use as a supplementation.

PQQ dosage

The best dose as a supplement ingredient is 40 mg.

Where to buy bulk PQQ disodium salt powder

Among other anti-aging and health products sold at our company, we offer PQQ 99% disodium salt powder. PQQ 99% powder is a highly purified ingredient. It is third-party tested and has high bioavailability. Hygieia Biotechnology is a professional manufacturer that offers raw bulk products for use as supplements, cosmetics, and medicine. As a raw material, it has passed the toxicity test and was found to be a non-toxic compound, thus it is safe to use.

If you have any further questions, about the price, how to order, delivery information, etc, you can send us an inquiry.

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