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Urolithin A Powder: a Novel Ingredient for Longevity and Performance by Activating Mitophagy

Urolithin A Powder

Urolithins, including Urolithin A powder and Urolithin B powder, are secondary metabolites of ellagitannins. In humans, ellagitannins are converted in the intestinal microflora to ellagic acid, which is further transformed into urolithins A, by the gut bacteria.

Urolithin A (UA) is the most abundant metabolite of ellagitannins. So, in this article, we will focus on urolithin A and everything you should know about it.

What is Urolithin A?

Urolithin A is a metabolite produced by intestinal bacteria from ellagitannins. It is an organic compound found in the group known as benzo-coumarins or dibenzo-α-pyrones.

As a polyphenolic compound, it helps in aging, improves muscle strength, has positive results for many diseases, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are some features about urolithin A:

Urolithin A Molecule
  • Synonyms – 3,8-dihydroxy-6H-benzo[c]chromen-6-one, 3,8-dihydroxybenzo[c]chromen-6-one, 3,8-Dihydroxy-6H-dibenzo(b,d)pyran-6-one, Uro A, Mitopure;
  • CAS Number – 1143-70-0;
  • Molecular formula – C13H8O4;
  • Molecular weight – 228.20 g·mol−1 ;
  • Color – white to beige;
  • Solubility – DMSO: 20 mg/mL, clear;
  • Purity – ≥97% by HPLC;
  • Density – 1.516 g/cm3;
  • Storage – 2-8 °C.

Urolithin A Food Sources

Urolithin A is not found naturally in any food. We said before that it is a product of the transformation of ellagic acids derived from ellagitannins. Ellagitannins occur naturally in food sources such as pomegranates, berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, nuts such as walnuts, chestnuts, and almonds, as well as beverages, like fruit juice, tea, guava juice.

Therefore, we can conclude that urolithin A foods are foods rich in ellagitannin. It is worth mentioning that the bioavailability of ellagitannin is very limited, while its secondary metabolites (urolithins) are more bioavailable.

Urolithin A Forms and Specifications

The package for buying bulk urolithin A 99% powder is 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum. The shipment is available through various ways such as FedEx, UPS, FOB, CFR, CIF, by sea, etc.

Urolithin A Safety

In vivo studies have shown that the use of urolithin A in food or as supplements is safe with no adverse effects on the health overall. According to FDA, it is GRAS and is well-tolerated in humans when administrated orally. Also, it has a safety favourable profile in single or multiple doses for the elderly.

How does Urolithin A work?

The urolithin A 99% powder is fully analyzed and tested. As a raw material, it is completely stable with higher absorption and bioavailability. It is a high-purity powder that has been proven to prolongs lifespan by 45%, despite ellagic acid that showed no effect at all.

The product is designed from the formula development, through the dosage, brand design to be delivered as a finished product.

Because we care about our buyer’s needs.

Urolithin A and Alzheimer’s

Urolithin A has anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and protects the neurons. It can prevent neuronal apoptosis and enhance neurogenesis.

In a study of memory-impaired mice, urolithin A was found to improve cognitive impairment and protect neurons from apoptosis. The studies indicate that UA can be used as a therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease.

Urolithin A Manufacturing Process

The raw materials for manufacturing include Resorcinol, 2-Bromo-5-hydroxy benzoic acid, 2-Bromo-5-methoxy benzoic acid, Methanol, Aluminum chloride, 50% sodium hydroxide, Copper sulfate pentahydrate, Toluene, Methanol, DMSO, TBME (tert-butyl-methyl ether), and Acetic Acid. All the ingredients are pure and considered being safe for use. There are also certain limits to the presence of impurities and residual solvents.

Two chemical synthesis processes are required for the manufacture of urolithin А. Both processes involve an Ullmann coupling reaction, followed by a Lewis acid treatment.

With this process, we obtain a highly purified product of urolithin A. Urolithin A is manufactured according to the current Good Manufacture Practice (cGMP).

Benefits of using urolithin A

As we get older, our cells and tissues are losing their functionality. These cells are damaged cells and tissues that do not function properly and also compromise the function of the surrounding cells. The same goes for the mitochondria.

Urolithin A has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the promising benefits that urolithin A offers are:

Improves muscle strength

With aging, mitochondria degrade and become damaged. When that happens, muscle weakness occurs due to worse skeletal muscle mass that results in losing strength and endurance.

In one in vivo study, urolithin A shows increasing muscle hypertrophy. Urolithin A was given in the diet of middle-aged mice for 34 weeks. The results show improved muscle strength and better endurance.

Fights arthritis

Urolithin A has anti-inflammatory properties. Pomegranate is a food that has helped to neutralize various inflammations and reduce the symptoms. A 2016 study found that pomegranate extract reduces the biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis and oxidative stress.

Promotes healthy aging

In elderly people, UA has shown positive effects when administrated directly. Also, it increases biomarkers of mitochondrial function in pre-clinical models of aging.

Urolithin A side effects

Through the studies, there were found no side effects in people when taking urolithin A. 

Urolithin A dosage

The GRAS for human consumption is within the range of 250 mg to 1000 mg per dose.

Where to buy bulk urolithin A powder

Hygieia Biotechnology is a professional manufacturer that offers raw bulk products such as urolithin A powder for your industry.

As a bulk product, urolithin 99% powder comes in a package as  1kg/bag, 25kg/drum. The product is 99% purity, and it is hardly soluble in water. About the storage, you should store the package in a dry and dark place at 0-4 °C in the short term (days to weeks) or -20°C in the long term (months to years).


  • The urolithin A powder has 99% purity. This means that has higher absorption and bioavailability for the cells, longevity, and anti-aging;
  • As a raw material, it has passed the toxicity test and was found to be a non-toxic compound;
  • It meets all the requirements of national standards.

If you have any further questions, about the price, how to order, delivery information, etc, you can send us an inquiry on the contact us page.

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