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Urolithin A Clinical Trial: Improves Muscle Strength Performance by 12% in Older Adults

Urolithin A Improves Muscle Strength Performance by 12% in Older Adults

Urolithin A has taken its place on the market as a safe and powerful muscle booster. A new Urolithin A clinical trial came out recently. Urolithin A suppliers promote the use of this supplement due to the numerous benefits, the most important of which is muscle growth. Muscle strength, development, and endurance largely depend on cell mitochondria function. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells and are responsible for the production of ATP, which is the body’s energy currency.

The key findings

Many clinical studies have proven that long-term urolithin A supplementation can improve healthy mitochondrial activity and muscle endurance. A study published in JAMA Network Open focuses on the beneficial properties of urolithin A in older adults.

According to science, urolithin A supplementation can help with muscle endurance in older adults. Furthermore, an optimal and safe dosage was observed to positively affect age-related conditions because muscle strength, size, and endurance decrease significantly as we age.

For this purpose, 65 to 90 adults were participating in a clinical trial. The participants were chosen through social media and other platforms for this study. As perfect candidates, they must be healthy, without previous medical conditions, be able to walk alone, speak fluently, and so. Some examinations were done, such as physical performance, mitochondria activity, and other important parameters for this trial. Some participants that had diabetes were controlled well during the study. 

They received 1000mg oral supplementation of urolithin A in the morning, as four soft gels containing 250mg active component or placebo (only excipients). The trial lasted four months. Muscle performance test, muscle maximal ATP production, and  6-minute walk distance test were performed at the baseline and the end of the study.

Urolithin A improves mitochondrial health

Both groups, the placebo, and urolithin A, showed improvements at the 6-minutes walk distance. ATP production is a vital component in the body because it is the energy we need to function. With measuring ATP production, urolithin A significantly enhanced skeletal muscle-specific endurance in the hand and leg, in older adults. However, no significant differences were showed in from baseline in the 6-minute walk distance in the urolithin A group compared to the placebo group.

Urolithin A provides muscle endurance in older adults

To show the urolithin A bioavailability, plasma levels were obtained from the participants. After four months, the results show high levels of urolithin A compared to the baseline. The analysis of different measurements shows variation in both groups. They measure the levels of ceramides and acylcarnitines. Acylcarnitines test is important to discover inherited disorders of fatty acid because these kinds of patients accumulate this substance. Similar to this, the ceramides, which are part of the cell membrane, can cause plaque accumulation in arterial walls, leading to cardiovascular diseases. Although it is not very significant, the role of urolithin A in these conditions lowers the levels of ceramides and acylcarnitines, leading to better mitochondrial health in older people.

Also, urolithin A has positive effects on inflammation and mitochondrial health. An inflammatory biomarker CRP (C-reactive protein) was observed for that purpose. The CRP test is a general test for detecting inflammation in the body, but it is not specific. This means that CRP indicates some inflammation in the organism but can not determine its exact location. In healthy individuals, CRP is present in deficient concentrations. However, its values increase rapidly in case of acute inflammation, so the values of this protein can rise hundreds of times within just 24 hours.

At the end of the study, CRP levels were decreased in the urolithin A-group but not in the placebo group.

Urolithin A supplementation enhances walking endurance in older adults

(Urolithin A supplementation enhances walking endurance in older adults.)

To show the effect of urolithin A on skeletal muscle-specific endurance, they observed the maximum ATP production in the hand and leg. These two different muscles were chosen because they directly affect muscle performance without activity. Taking urolithin A supplementation show improvement in muscle endurance, although the researchers couldn’t observe the ATP production in the whole body function.

Urolithin A supplementation significantly improves muscle endurance in both the leg and hand in older adults

(Urolithin A supplementation significantly improves muscle endurance in both the leg and hand in older adults.)

An important part of this study is that no side effects were observed in the participant during the trial in both groups.

Limitations in the study

This study shows several limitations. Initially, the study didn’t measure daily physical activity. The 6-minutes walking distance shows no significant difference between the two groups. This could be due to the possibility of some individuals being motivated by the study. Second, further investigations should be done and track the results for more than six months, including participants with low physical activity.


According to clinical trial researchers, urolithin A supplementation significantly improves mitophagy levels, restoring them to normal in patients with muscular dystrophy, indicating the removal of dysfunctional mitochondria and an overall improvement in mitochondrial health. Compared with the placebo group, participants who were given urolithin A supplementation reported a significant improvement in endurance and strength of leg and arm muscles. In addition, there was reduced fatigue and a general improvement in the ability to perform daily functions.

Urolithin A can be an excellent plasma biomarker that can act against age-related muscle decline, but further investigations are needed for more accurate and better results in long-term use.

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