Ca-AKG(Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate): the Longevity Ingredient You Need to Know About

AKG extended lifespan of mice by 10% to 16%

Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG) is a stable form of alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) that helps in healthy aging. Ca-AKG supplementation is important for bodybuilders because it can increase low calcium levels in the blood due to high protein intake. Our AKG levels decline as we age, so we must replenish them with Ca-AKG supplementation. Ca-AKG supplements are intended to offer a variety of health benefits, including promoting gastrointestinal health, bone formation, supporting prolonged life and healthspan, and helping improve your quality of life. In other words, it is a key molecule for many age and health-related conditions.

What is Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate?

Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG) is a special calcium salt that prolongs the lifespan and health span and helps in the reduction of age-related conditions. It is believed to be a powerful anti-aging ingredient. Ca-AKG is important for our body to produce energy. ATP is the main component for supplying all our cells with energy, and therefore, Ca-AKG plays an important role in how much ATP is produced.

Other terms referring to calcium alpha-ketoglutarate are alpha-ketoglutarate calcium, calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, Ca-AKG, Ca AKG, calcium AKG, calcium a-ketoglutarate monohydrate. Ca-AKG has a CAS number of 71686-01-6, with a molecular mass of 184.16 g/mol. The chemical formula is C5H4O5·Ca. Ca-AKG appears as white to slightly pink powder that is soluble in water.

Ca-AKG forms and specifications

Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate 99% powder is a high purity compound, with high bioavailability. It is a third-party test along with the requirements of national standards. Ca-AKG is a synthetic dietary supplement and is chemically identical to the naturally produced AKG. The package is 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum.   There are various shipment options available by CFR, FOB, FedEx,  UPS, CIF, by sea, etc.

Alpha-ketoglutarate vs calcium alpha-ketoglutarate

The CAS number of Ca-AKG is 71686-01-6 and the CAS number of AKG is 328-50-7. AKG has a molecular mass of 146.11 g/mol and a chemical formula of C5H6O5. You can also find it by the name of AKG, 2-ketoglutaric acid, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, oxoglutaric acid. Blood AKG levels can decrease up to 10-fold as we age. We can’t replenish AKG levels through the diet, but fasting and exercise show to increase AKG production. It is demonstrated that AKG concentration is reduced in middle-aged mice, and it is the same in humans. AKG treatment helps in the reduction of inflammation, but it is found that only decreases the levels of inflammation in female mice. However, AKG doesn’t just extend lifespan, but reduces frailty and extends health span by more than 50%.

A longer, healthier life with decreased levels of inflammatory cytokines in mice is achieved with Ca-AKG supplementation. Ca-AKG has better stability than alpha-ketoglutarate. It can prolong healthspan, by slowing down aging and compressing morbidity. Also, Ca-AKG may affect collagen production, reducing fibrosis, and thus maintaining healthy skin. However, studies claim that Ca-AKG has significantly better effects because it can have promising results in many health conditions. Another reason is that it is slowly absorbed by the gut and in the bloodstream, so it will work in the body longer.

Ca-AKG food sources

Ca-AKG is found in many food sources including beef, eggs, tofu, skim milk, white rice, corn, spinach, beans, lentils, and many more.

AAKG (Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) vs Ca-AKG

Arginine AAKG stimulates the production of growth hormone, which is responsible for increasing lean muscle mass, but also for increasing the exchange and flow of substances through the muscles. Combined with alpha-ketoglutarate, it increases nitric oxide production levels, which is important for muscle contraction rate and strength, for increasing blood flow and oxygen supply in muscle tissues and boosting athletic performance. Supplementation with this combination of arginine provides a sufficient amount of nitric oxide for intensive training, which results in greater strength, muscle growth, and accelerated recovery. In most supplements, the ratio of AKG in AAKG is 1:1.

However, Ca-AKG is found to be more effective for anti-aging and longevity. It shows significant results in increasing both life and healthspan. This is especially important in the elderly because it can maintain flexibility as well.

Ca-AKG mechanism of action

AKG needs ATP synthase subunit β in order to increase lifespan. Science found evidence that AKG can influence anti-aging. AKG can slow down aging by inhibiting ATP synthase and rapamycin (TOR). ATP synthase is the most abundant protein which acts as a main cellular energy-generating tool. Therefore, when mitochondria are being partially suppressed, it shows prolonging the lifespan in C. elegans and mammals. AKG does not directly affect TOR, though it has an impact via the inhibition of ATP synthase. The inhibition of TOR can show positive results in slowing down aging in yeast, in C. elegans, and regulates lifespan in mice

Ca-AKG Manufacturing Process

If you want to know about the raw materials used in the synthetic method for Ca-AKG production, feel free to contact us for details.

Ca-AKG Benefits

The health benefits of Ca-AKG are as follows:

Promotes cellular energy and restores vitality

As we age, AKG levels decrease and we need to replenish them with Ca-AKG. Ca-AKG supplementation revitalizes cellular energy, impact bone density, and thus helps to restore vitality.

Reduces age-related inflammation

Studies show that Ca-AKG helps in reducing chronic inflammation in female mice. The results were interestingly good. After 6 months of Ca-AKG treatment, the cytokines levels were reduced in female mice.

Helps restore normal calcium concentration levels in the blood

Ca-AKG helps maintain normal calcium levels in the blood. Ca-AKG binds with excess phosphate, and thus establishes a normal balance between phosphate and calcium levels. In patients with hyperparathyroidism, Ca-AKG supplementation shows positive results by reducing phosphates levels, and increasing calcium levels in the blood.

Extend lifespan and healthspan in mammals

According to studies, Ca-AKG extends the lifespan and health span of female and male mice. Because Ca-AKG inhibits ATP synthase, there is reduced ATP available, and the mitochondrial function is being slightly suppressed. This suppression is associated with increased lifespan and healthspan in C.elegans. The same results are expected in humans.

Ca-AKG side effects

No side effects were reported with Ca-AKG supplementation.

Ca-AKG dosage

The best dosage for taking Ca-AKG ranges from 300 to 1,000 mg daily.

Where to buy bulk Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate POWDER

Hygieia Biotech is a professional wholesale manufacturer that focuses on the production and sales of anti-aging and longevity raw materials. Our Ca-AKG 99% powder passed the acute toxicity test, which was actually non-toxic and safe to use. It is third-party tested by institutions (CTI, Intertek, Eurofins) and also meets all the requirements of national standards. As a raw material, it is a highly purified ingredient and has high bioavailability.

If you have any further questions, about the price, how to order, or want to get technical documents such as COA (certificate of analysis), MSDS, quotation, please send us an inquiry.

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